NBA DFS Lineup: March.13th


Last nights short slate was incredibly entertaining to watch (seriously, did you guys see that Spurs/Cavs game?), but it didn’t leave us with very many options. By the way, congratulations if you had Kyrie Irving rostered last night. Friday, picks up the slack of a short Thursday with nine games scheduled for us to choose from. The games that I will heavily focus on as far as total points are Kings/76ers, Warriors/Nuggets, and Thunder/Wolves. FanDuel holds the biggest tournament of the night by far out of the two major sites with their Friday NBA Super Slam. The winner of this tourney will take home $30,000. Over at DraftKings, someone will walk away with $15,000 after taking down the $100,000 Crossover. Now, let’s talk about who we need to roster to get our share of the pie.

Point Guard

Russell Westbrook ( $12,500DK, $13,000FD) – Can I just start copying and pasting this section? Westbrook has been incredible of late, and that shouldn’t change tonight. Yes, he was a big let down for what his price was against the Clippers, but he still flirted with a triple double. He had a tough matchup, and a letdown was bound to happen (hopefully most of the people in your league had him rostered too), but I look forward to rostering Westbrook tonight as I suspect many will be scared off by his “disappointing” 40 fantasy point performance on Wednesday. I keep thinking about fading Westbrook, but a guaranteed 40 in the bank with the possibility for 80-90 is just too much for me to pass on.

Other solid options – Ricky Rubio, Jeff Teague, Shaun Livingston (if Curry sits)

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Shooting Guard

Dwyane Wade ($7,200, 8,000) – A stat that was eye opening to me while doing research for today’s games is that Wade has posted five straight 40 point performances. I knew he had been playing well because I have rostered him a few times, but I didn’t know he had been playing so consistenly at a 40 point level. His price on DraftKings is way below what it should be right now, and I can’t see myself passing up the value. The Raptors, on paper, don’t seem to be the ideal matchup for a shooting guard, but they are not the same defensive team they were earlier in the year. Wade flirted with a triple double the first time these teams met, and that was when the Raptors were playing much better basketball. I expect him to keep his 40 point fantasy point streak on DraftKings alive, and I believe he will reach value on both sites.

Other solid options – J.J. Redick, Klay Thompson

Small Forward

Tobias Harris ($6,600, $6,700) – I debated between Harris and Wiggins for a while before I decided on Harris. Wiggins is a great play too because he is going to play a ton of minutes against a team that is absolutely awful on defense right now (Thunder), but Harris has put together a more consistent stretch than Wiggins and has plenty of upside himself. Harris has four straight games of at least 30 fantasy points on both sites. Now he gets a matchup with the Celtics who are 28th in the league against power forwards.

Other solid options – Wiggins, Rudy Gay (Stock goes up if Cousins sits), Batum

Power Forward 

Marvin Williams ($4,000, 4,200) – While I would like to get Aldridge in my lineup, Westbrook makes that very difficult to accomplish without rostering a D-league lineup around the two of them. So, this is where the value plays come in. Marvin williams has been getting more consistent playing time of late, and he rewarded his coach with a nice performance in his last game. The 30 point performance on DraftKings easily payed off, and more, his measly $4,000 salary. He is still listed at that cheap price, and now he will be defended by the likes of Nikola Mirotic and Pau Gasol; I like William’s chances to go over value tonight, but even if he doesn’t have another 30 point night, he should reach value pretty easily.

Other solid options – Aldridge, Ibaka, Green (Be careful as he may get rested or play limited minutes)


Robin Lopez ($5,000, 5,200) – UnfortunatelyYou can’t have all of the superstars in your lineup. So, Lopez is another value pick. I’d love to get Boggie in my lineup against Philly after seeing what Gasol did to them on Wednesday, but you are almost forced to choose between him and Westbrook, and with Boogie being questionable, it’s just too risky to roster him at the moment. If we don’t get good news on Boogie later in the day, or you just can’t find the cash for him, Lopez is a good cheap alternative. He has put up two 30 point performances in his last three games, and he gets another good matchup against a terrible Pistons defense.

Other solid options – Cousins, Horford, DeAndre Jordan


-Written By: Leander Wallace-

-Edited By: Zack Magerman-

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