Suddenly, there is competition for the Royals at Second Base


Entering 2015, the race for the starting job at second base has unexpectedly become more tighter for the Kansas City Royals that people had have hoped for. Omar Infante was the team’s everyday second baseman last year and there is no indications of him losing his job. However, Infante battled through severe pain in his throwing shoulder, forcing major problems for him in the the latter part of 2014. The levels attained drastic proportions up to the World Series.

During the team’s run through October, Infante used a various amounts of forcible medical drugs to alleviate the pain, basically numbing it away. Evidently it did the job, but the concern of his health an entire 162 game season is quite alarming. Over the past years, second base was a mere black hole for the team. Applying below par hitting connected with honorable defense. This was the ultimatum for previous players such as Chris Getz, Johnny Giavatella. But for the case of Infante this wasn’t the ordeal.

Chris Getz served a lifetime batting average of .250 and an OBP of .302. His last season he played for the Royals, he batted an abysmal .220 and acquired a .288 OBP. Giovatella could never get his batting average above .210 throughout his on and off career. Defensively, like I said prior were both fantastic. Infante came to Kansas City by an offseason deal with Detroit in 2013. His first season as a Royal his numbers offensively were significantly better than the last two players that previously manned the position.

Infante holds onto a .272 lifetime batting average and produced a .252 batting average in the 136 games he started in the regular season. During the postseason he went through slumps, but compiled clutch doubles to drive in runs.

Omar Infante isn't healthy. But will try to do enough to keep his starting job sealed throughout 2015. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Omar Infante may not be 100% healthy all season. But will try to do enough to keep his starting job sealed throughout 2015. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)


There is no doubt Infante is the Opening Day starter. No matter how many medications or needles that are drilled into his muscles in his upper right shoulder, Infante has proven he is the right man for the job.  But rest is always essential and if Kansas City has aspirations to recapture last season’s success, depth at second base may have to be a priority.

This is where the supplement of Christian Colon comes in. Colon is a product of the Royals farm system that spent time filling the struggling Mike Moustakas at 3B in early April and May, when he was sent down in Triple-A for a week. Mainly a utility player, Colon can play every position on the infield and has so far been used as an insurance option when need be for injured starters. When he filled in for Moustakas, Colon went through a hitting barrage and glided a 10 game hitting streak. Over the course of the 21 games he played, he sustained a .333 batting average and a .379 OBP in just 49 plate appearances. Albeit an extremely short sample size.

In the Wild Card game, Colon chopped an infield single in the 9th inning to send the game into extra innings and eventually came to be the game winning run later on into the night. In short, Christian Colon may have partook in a handful of games that resulted in absurd numbers. Over the long haul, his time spent backing up Infante when necessary should already be a given.

Basically its a decision that Ned Yost must have trust in. If the numbers hold truth again this season. If Kansas City uses Infante most nights, they’ll lose a little less “pop” in the order. But are provided by solid defense all-around. And vice-versa with Colon, who is not a power guy be any means, but can catch a hot streak now and then for you with his bat. Omar Infante is currently 33 and his health is running low. No one knows how long his shoulder will hold up for. Christian Colon could be seeing the longest portion of playing time he has seen in his entire major league career at this point.

For the Royals sake, he needs to make the most of it to help the cause further down the road.

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