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30 Hottest NBA WAGs



These NBA players are about as lucky can be as they have locked up some beautiful woman to go along with being some of the best athletes in the world, which comes with fame and fortune. Here are the 30 hottest wives and girlfriends around the NBA.



Valerie Cooke and Roy Hibbert

Pictured here is Roy Hibbert post-game. His fiance and soon to be wife is on the right of the photo in the brown jacket. It has been reported that Paul George has slept with Cooke, but that has not been confirmed as the couple of Hibbert and Cooke are still together.


Ecko Wray and Rudy Gay

The couple has been married. Ecko Wray Gay is a fashion designer and model, pretty successful couple if you ask me.


 Alyssa Levesque and Patty Mills

Alyssa Levesque and Patty Mills of the San Antonio Spurs have been together for quite some time. Levesque played college basketball at St. Marys

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