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Michael Jordan vs LeBron James: By the Numbers



 LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan


I have done a couple of these comparisons, and just like the LeBron vs Kobe and Kevin Garnett vs Dirk Nowitkzi ones, this isn’t a statement of who is the better player. It is simply a statistical comparison of two iconic players. I don’t think anyone in their right mind could honestly say that LBJ, at this point in his career, is superior to the great MJ. But, I also don’t think it is crazy to say LeBron has small a chance to overcome His Airness; even if I don’t think that will happen. If anything, this will provide a source of appreciation to how good Michael Jordan really was in his historic NBA career. Please, don’t let this turn into a “HOW DARE YOU COMPARE THE TWO”. And yes, I understand LeBron’s career isn’t over, so that should be taken under consideration as well. Just take a quick look at some key statistical categories and see how they match up. Should be a fun read for any basketball enthusiast.

***All stats and graphics are credited to basketball-reference.com and landofbasketball.com***

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