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Greg Hardy’s Outlook with the Cowboys


The Carolina Panthers have had a productive off-season making quiet moves to improve the team. One big decision they made was to let troubled defensive end Greg Hardy walk in free agency. Many fans didn’t like the decision because of his play on the field, in his 5 seasons with the Panthers he collected 142 tackles and 34 sacks a nightmare for quarterbacks to face.

Unfortunately, he was the latest player to get in trouble to commit domestic violence, it is no surprise to me because he was scary looking with all of that face paint he had on during games, even off the field, he had a creepy look it even scared me, I can’t imagine what was going through quarterbacks heads. The decision to let him go came from owner Jerry Richardson, the right one in my opinion, although you are losing a great player on the field the team will no longer have to deal with the questions and baggage that Hardy now has.

Hardy wasn’t on the market for too long when the Dallas Cowboys inked him to a 1-year 13.1 million dollars. This pick-up does not surprise me because the Cowboys are notorious for picking the bad boys, he and Dez make a nice pair in that regard. This contract includes a lot of incentives because the Cowboys have not guaranteed any money he must earn it.

Here is the breakdown
• Base salary: $750,000
• Per-game 53-man roster bonuses: $9.25 million
• Incentives: Max of $1.804 million.
• 8 or more sacks 500,000
• 10 sacks 1 million
• 12 sacks 1.4 million
• 14 or more sacks 1.804 million

For the Cowboys this is good, on the field he is a deadly weapon on the defensive side of the ball. He is facing discipline from the league for the domestic violence it as has been reported maybe 6 games, but the hearing has been put on hold for now. This move is an opportunity for Hardy to show he can act right off the field and just play football, because we all know he can do that.

I love watching Hardy play football, but I hope he is suspended through the Panther game for Cam Newton’s sake. It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out for all parties involved.

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