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My Thoughts on the Carolina Panthers Schedule


The NFL released all the teams’ schedules for the 2015 season! What does that mean? Fans trash talk and “experts” predictions, so much fun. For my team the Carolina Panthers it was a roller costar ride to say the least with the Gregg Hardy situation and all the injuries we had to deal with, and were able to overcome all of that and become the first team to win back- to-back division championships. This creates great momentum heading into the draft and the new season, here is my take on the schedule.

Week 1 @ Jacksonville Jaguars

            I think this is a good game to start for the Panthers lets face it the jaguars have been the laughing stock of the NFL for a number of years now, with revolving door at quarterback and the head coaching position, just too much inconsistency. The Panthers should be able to use the ground and pound approach to their advantage and the defense tormenting Blake Brotles the entire game and pick up the win.

Week 2 vs. Houston Texans

This is another game the Panthers must take advantage of, with questions at the quarterback position and no more Andre Jonson those are two things the Texans must figure out before the season. The key for the Panthers in this game is to stop Arian Foster and force whoever is taking snaps from under center to beat them if they do that I see this in the win column.

 Week 3 vs. New Orleans Saints

The Saints are a division rival so it’s always a toss up type of game, but with them trading away Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills to huge offensive weapons. I think the Panthers will grab this one as well with it at home and the great atmosphere we have at home during the Saints games will push us over the top!

Week 4 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This game could be a trap type of game before the bye week, the reason I say that is they have played us hard over the past couple of seasons granted we didn’t have Cam Newton because of injury last year. Having said that, I believe Jameis Winston interception problem he had in college will carry over and we will take advantage and head into the bye week with a 4-0 record.


Week 5 Bye week

We must take advantage of the lesser opponents early in the year, because we will be put through the ringer in the next 4 weeks. Lets just say we better have our big pants on and be ready for battle. Thank you so much NFL!

Week 6 @ Seattle Seahawks

The NFL is dying for us to beat Seattle, but we have come short four straight times including the playoffs last year. Unfortunately, I think we drop this one with Russell Wilson Beast mode and now Jimmy Graham who knows the greatness they will produce. The 12th man will again be a factor, I just think we will make one mistake and it will cost us, but it will be close again.

Week 7 vs. Philadelphia Eagles

            This game is on Sunday Night Football, I believe we will exact revenge to the embarrassing loss we were handed by the Eagles last year. Why? Chip Kelly thinks he is smarter then everyone on the football planet, getting rid of Shady, signing Tim Tebow oh and lets not forget he has Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford, man I am shaking in my boots. I think the Panthers defense will feast on whomever is taking snaps for them. If it works out for the Eagles I will be the first one to admit it but I just don’t get it.


Week 8 vs. Indianapolis Colts

            This is also a primetime game on Monday night football; I think this is going to be an instant classic between two great quarterbacks. Like a prize fight counter punch after counter punch, but I think it will be a case of too much “Luck” with all his new weapons we will fall just short in a heart breaker.

Week 9 vs. Green-Bay Packers

This is another game we got embarrassed and I turned it off at half. I think we get it done this time with a solid running game that will loosen up the defense for a couple of long touchdown passes by Cam. The defense will come into the game with a chip on their shoulder and contain Rogers and Lacey, it will be close, but we squeak it out at home. I have us going 2-2 in that tough stretch of games, putting us in a good position at 6-2 going into week 10.

Week 10 @ Tennessee Titans

This is an interesting one because there have been rumors of Phillip Rivers being traded there, which would change the whole complexion of this game. Also the Panthers can’t relax after going though that brutal part of the schedule, but if the Titans still have Zach Mettenberger I think we will be able to rattle him and get the victory in a slugfest type of game, not pretty but enough to get it done.

Week 11 vs Washington Redskins

This is another winnable game for the Panthers with Washington having quarterback questions and an aging defense, I think the Panthers will be able to exploit that and pick up the victory to move to 8-2, going into the Turkey Day showdown verses the Cowboys.

Week 12 @ Dallas Cowboys

This is the teams first Thanksgiving day game in team history, not only that we will be matched up against our old friend Gregg Hardy tons of story lines. The Cowboys have a great offensive line that present trouble for our defensive line and the possibility of the Cowboys acquiring Adrian Peterson could be an issue for the Panthers as well. I think this will be another close game, but we fall short because of the offensive line miss match.

Week 13 @ New Orleans Saints

Games at the Super Dome are always fiery this one will be no different, I think Drew Brees and the team will have figured how to play with the new personal and it will carry them to the victory with a few turnovers that will cost us as. Putting us at 8-4 heading into week 14.

Week 14 vs. Atlanta Falcons

We have had great success against the Falcons over the last few seasons, I don’t think that will change with the team in transition with a new coach. I think our defense will torment Matt Ryan again and grab the victory.

Week 15 @ NY Giants

This is an intriguing game for me with Eli Manning, Victor Cruz, and Odell-Beckom Jr a pretty good trio. The key will be the offensive line play and whomever protects the quarterback best will win and I think the Panthers will do that and grab the victory with a solid running game will help as well.

Week 16 @ Atlanta Falcons

We have had good luck in the Georgia Dome the past few seasons and I think it will continue we are in a much better place than the Falcons and I feel we will carry that momentum and grab the win. Bringing us to 11-4 heading into the final week of the year.

Week 17 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is the last chance to impress before the playoffs and I think we will with a couple splash plays. We have another solid year and ride the momentum to a long playoff run.

Final Record- 12-4


We have had a great off-season keeping our own and upgrading our weaknesses, I think we will have a great season. My predictions are based on what I know now, but injuries and the draft could affect how things play out! The key stretch will be just after bye week that will make or break our season. Whatever happens, it will be fun and GO Panthers!!!!