Top 10 Steeler Linebackers Of All Time


Since the 1970’s, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been known for having some of the nastiest, toughest, and most physical defenses in the NFL. The anchor of every great defense is a great linebacker, or in the Steeler’s case great linebackers. Every Super Bowl victory for the Steelers has had one thing in common, and that’s great linebackers.

Whether it’s Jack Lambert throwing the Cowboy’s Cliff Harris to the ground in Super Bowl X, or James Harrison taking an interception 100 yards for a touchdown in Super Bowl XLIII, the play of the Steeler’s linebackers will never be forgotten. The Steelers have had so many elite linebackers that it’s hard to narrow them down to 10, but here is a list of the Top 10 Steeler Linebackers Of All Time.


10. Jason Gildon

Jason Gildon


Here’s Why:

  • 3 Pro Bowl Selections
  • 1 All Pro Selection
  • 520 Tackles
  • 80 Sacks  

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