Kentucky Fans plan to make Lucas Oil a “Blue Sea”


Kentucky Fans plan to make Lucas Oil Stadium a “sea of blue”

Just 4 days away from the Final Four, and Kentucky fans already have their plans to make Lucas Oil Stadium look like an extended Rupp Arena. See, they are smart, and if you are in Indy this weekend, you will see them.

You will see them everywhere: Bars, Resteraunts, and Hotels. Walking around in their dark blue and their deep southern accents. And even if you don’t want to sell them tickets, they will find away to get their hands on them.

When they were in Nashville for the SEC Tournament, nobody wanted to sell them tickets. But they wore camouflage and got them. “We wore Arkansas stuff and got tickets” said Kentucky fans who bought tickets to the SEC Championship. And you better expect for them to do that again.

So just some words of wisdom for ticket holders in Indy: If someone wearing Wisconsin red or Michigan State green walks up to you and offers you tickets, make sure that they aren’t Kentucky fans.

They are coming Indianapolis. And they won’t be stopped.

Evan Meinerding

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