WHAT?!?: RGIII for Andrew Luck trade is “In full Effect”.


Andrew Luck for RG3 trade is “In Full Effect”

After three seasons with their teams, the Colts and Redskins have agreed to do an easy, yet huge trade for their young quarterbacks. The colts will be trading their star young quarterback Andrew Luck from Stanford. The Redskins will be trading their injury prone young quarterback Robert Griffen the Third. The trade is simple. Quarterback for Quarterback.

“It’s bull****” said Andrew Luck, who threw for 1,000,645 yards last season. “I took them to the AFC Championship game and this is how they repay me?” He later went on a rant on how RG3 was “overrated” and “**** on a broken stick”. These harsh words might just get the young quarterback a suspension.

RGIII thought differently when he said, “I love it man. I finally have a chance to win a ****ing [Super Bowl]. Instead of being on a team with a bad coach and a bad fan base. I love this trade”

The trade is bound to change both teams seasons.

The Washington team is now projected to go a whopping 20-0, and win the Super Bowl.

The Colts are projected to go 0-16 and lose their new starting quarterback in the first pre season game.

RGIII odds in Vegas of getting injured this season are at 1/1. The first time ever that it’s been guaranteed to happen.

“Oh it’s gonna happen” said Colts coach Chuck Pagano. “The only question is when is it gonna happen. Our line already sucks and a crummy draft class isn’t going to change that. So I’m going to have to make sure that [Hasselback] is ready to go”.

Oh ya. Happy April Fools Day ;).


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