The Return of Devin McCourty: What It Means for New England


Devin Mccourty (Via

Photo source: ESPN

The first major domino has fallen in New England. Devin McCourty isn’t going anywhere.

While one foot may have been out the door, it seems as if Devin McCourty never truly intended on leaving New England. He was simply playing hardball with Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft, and the entire Patriots organization. Advantage, Devin. While McCourty may have been able to fetch more from the Giants, Eagles, or Titans, in the end, he managed to get a contract from the Pats that makes him the second highest paid safety in all of football.

McCourty returns to the Patriots on a 5 year/47.5 million dollar deal with 26.5 million dollars guaranteed. The Patriots successfully bring back one of their best draft picks in the Bill Belichick era, as well as one of the strongest voices in the locker room.

McCourty is the first step to retaining the core of a defense that helped lead the Patriots to the number one overall seed in the AFC and ultimately a Super Bowl Championship.

The Patriots will now turn their attention to Darrelle Revis after declining his 20 million dollar option Tuesday.

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